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Welcome to ChatStop Chat Network! Join our free chat room to find new friends instantly by chatting or messaging them on or forums. If you don't see a chatroom on our list of chatrooms that enlightens you, you can create your own room for free. Our java chat offers webmasters the ability to add chat to their websites completely free of charge. Enjoy your time chatting and meeting new friends!


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Secure and Reliable Real-Time Communication
ChatSpace Community Server contains a complete array of real-time community and support applications including chat, message boards, instant messaging, live events, and queued help. Top portals as well as many corporate enterprises rely on it as their primary means of online community communication. Backed by years of success and millions of users, ChatSpace is scalable, reliable, easy to use and contains a rich feature set that surpasses any competitive product.

ChatSpace 4 adds a variety of new features including:

New "Community Groups" Interface
The "Community Groups" interface ties the chat and message board together into categorized, named groups, which present a coherent, intuitive and familiar interface for the members of the community.

Predefined Group Categories
Groups are arranged in categories (News, Entertainment, Computers, etc), which are configurable by the site administrator.

Quick and Easy Access to Your Groups
Users can easily access any of the groups that they have joined via the "My Groups" link on the menu bar.

Multiple Access Options
Your community can be run in several modes including "Registration Required with Guest Access", "Registration Required without Guest Access", or "Open Access" (non-guest names can be used without registering). Administrators can configure whether members are allowed to sign up themselves and whether they can choose their passwords or have passwords emailed to them.

Locally Installable Instant Messenger
The Instant Messenger can be permanently installed on each member's computers -eliminating the need to load the applet over the Internet each time.

Enhanced Reporting
Community reports have been updated to include additional information on the activity of the site.

New Look & Feel
Each area of the site has been updated to have a new look and feel that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Time Tracking
Online Community Managers can now track the amount of time the site was used by each member and set an "allowed time" for members individually. When time expires, the member is sent to a specified web page and cannot access the site until more "time allowed" is added to the Member record.

Cloaked Administrators
For monitoring and quality control purposes, the site can be configured to allow Administrators to "cloak" and not be seen when they enter chat rooms.

Single Sign-On Capability
Your site can be integrated with other membership systems on your website so that users only have to sign on once to your website/application, and never have to fill out multiple login forms (and keep track of multiple user IDs and passwords).

Audit Log and Transcript Search Enhancements
New filters allow you to narrow down your audit logs and transcripts to only the information you need to see.

Benefits of ChatSpace

  • Increase customer satisfaction with immediate responses
  • Create non-disruptive, friction-free instant communication for your workgroup via Instant Messaging
  • Give everyone a voice to share ideas
  • Initiate proactive customer support with the Web Tracker
  • Open dialogue channels for faster growth
  • Eliminate costly meeting expenses
  • Increase user retention on your website
  • Create an active suggestion box for new ideas and innovation
  • Integrate ChatSpace easily with other software and systems
  • Build stronger relationships with customers and employees
  • Brainstorm online to facilitate ideas rapidly


Server Technology Customization
HTML client
WAP client
Oracle database support
Overflow rooms
Lightweight Kernel Client
Security enhancements
MSDE database or SQL Server integration
100% Web-based client
Server clustering
Unlimited concurrent chat users
Single Sign-on
ASP Technology
International Support


Administration User Features
Cloaked Administrators
Web Tracker
Full member and room registration/remote management
Person-to-person transcripts
Moderated chat rooms
Automated site security
Audit records
"Dirty word" filter
Web-based remote-administration
Community Groups
Guest Access
Instant Messaging
Integrated Message Boards
Community Messaging
Live Events
Live Help
Buddy Lists
Multimedia support
Public/Private options
Member profiles
Web Tour

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